About us

UNA – from the Latin word meaning one. You are Una. You are one.

Based in the heart of Kingsland, inside the iconic Theatre Royal building, UNA has an exclusive entrance to the left of the building (underneath the illuminated violet sign). Designed as an inspiring escape, the chic exposed brickwork is a thoughtful juxtaposition between a New York loft and a Parisian apartment. Lofty ceilings feature chic creamy hues, while flashes of violet and beautiful textures such as travertine, onyx and steel fill the space.

About us

Our Space

We want to make a difference in our community by offering our clients a place to come and relax, be made to feel beautiful and get the care and attention you deserve. We provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. We realize that your hair is your signature and that you must feel great about it every day.


It’s our view that sustainability and social justice are important for the beauty industry, and the world. That’s why we are part of Sustainable Salons - a social enterprise that helps its salon members reduce their impact on the planet and invest in local communities. 95% of our salon resources are recycled and repurposed

  • Plastics are collected, cleaned, and upcycled into new products.
  • All salon metals (including foil) and paper are sold for recycling. The proceeds are donated to KiwiHarvest to provide meals for hungry people. 
  • Hair is collected from the salon floor and stuffed into stockings to make Hair Booms that are sent all around the world to help clean up oil spills along our coastline.
  • All collected ponytails that are 20cm or longer are distributed to charitable organizations to create wigs for those suffering from cancer or alopecia.
  • Most of our fit out (building materials) and furniture where possible was recycled, repurposed and vintage pieces.
  • We have a rainwater collection system for watering our numerous plants in salon that keep our indoor air purified.
  • All of our glassware is either vintage or made by local ceramists and our refreshments are from local family owned and operated businesses

Our Products

At UNA our commitment to your hair goes beyond styling.  We understand that the products we choose play a pivotal role in the health, vibrancy, and longevity of your beautiful locks.That’s why our selection process is guided by brands that will deliver the best results for your hair. With that in mind we are proudly supported by L’Oréal Professionnel and Pureology.

  • L'Oréal Professionnel are the Parisian house of Hairdressing: the number one choice and source of inspiration for hairdressers and consumer around the world. Their heritage spans as far back as 1907; over 100 years later and L 'Oréal Professionnel is still at the forefront, with revolutionary products continuing to lead the way through innovation, originality and market leadership.L 'Oréal Professionnel combines a passion for fashion with the most innovative technology, forming strong links with top designers, photographers and beauty and fashion magazines in order to raise the profile of the hairdressing industry.

    L’Oréal is the only company in the world to have achieved an “A” score in all three CDP rankings - fighting climate change, managing water sustainably, preserving forests - for 7 years in a row.

  • Created in California in 2001, Pureology was born from a powerful idea: to create the best professional products for color-treated hair . Color care without compromise is the POWER OF PUREOLOGY. We created our customized, high performance formulas while caring for our planet and animals with beauty and integrity in mind. As the pioneer of PROFESSIONAL VEGAN COLOR CARE & ZEROSULFATE® formulas, we strive to make women feel beautiful with good-for-you hair care.

    Pureology values:
    We believe in the INTEGRITY of our high performing products to deliver the best quality and extraordinary color careWe believe in SUSTAINABILITY to protect the environment and our communitiesWe believe in PURITY of transparent communication, giving our professionals and consumers insider access to how we create and formulate.